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            Hello, welcome to Sichuan Shifang Chuhong Phosphorus Chemical Co., Ltd. official website.
            0838-2569019 0838-8266178
            18081236110 13881062286
            About us Our company always adheres to the policy of "quality is the life of an enterprise and customer satisfaction is the purpose".
            Sichuan Shifang Chuan Hong Phosphorus Chemical Co., Ltd. Sichuan Shifang Chuanhong Phosphorus Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. It was restructured and established by the former (Shifangchuan Honghua Chemical Factory in Sichuan Province). The company is located in Shifang City, western Sichuan Plain, with advantageous geographical location, abundant p... MORE
            Product Center All kinds of high-quality phosphorus chemical products are sold to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and America.
            Enterprise advantage We warmly welcome customers and friends from home and abroad to discuss the business and create a better blueprint
            Position advantage Located in Deyang, Sichuan, a very convenient traffic
            Resource advantage There are very rich phosphate mineral resources in Shifang
            Capital advantage The company has a strong capital supply chain
            Management advantage A perfect management system, excellent talent
            News and information The latest official website of the company is launched. Welcome to the news of Chuan Hong phosphorus chemical company.
            Hotline:0838-2569019  18081236110  0838-8266178  13881062286
            Address:No. 477 Mount Lu North Road, Deyang, hope city, Fortune Center, block A, room 1003.
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